faq, what if i can't stop gambling

faq what if i cannot stop gambling

faqs stop gambling

''faq what if i cannot stop, gambling and i can not stop''

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Understanding gambling addiction and problem gambling

Gamblers can have a problem, however, without being totally out of control. Problem gambling is any gambling behavior that disrupts your life. If you’re preoccupied with gambling, spending more and more time and money on it, chasing losses, or gambling despite serious consequences, you have a gambling problem.

You have to gamble every day to be a problem gambler, this is a Fact

A problem gambler may gamble frequently or infrequently. Gambling is a problem if it causes problems.

If you get into problems with gambling and building up debts, you should get help to take care of it

Problems caused by excessive gambling are not just financial. Too much time spent on gambling can lead to relationship breakdown and loss of important friendships.

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Problems with Gambling
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