can i realy play for free at mobile casinos

do the casinos that give free money realy honest of giving the free money

Faq can i realy play for free

''faq, can i realy play for free''

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Is free money actual for free?

If the casino sais that you get $5 free or maby 30 free, somethimes even more, it is realy free money, we tried it out a several casinos with a nodepositbonus, and indeed the money that you get is for free,

Do the casinos that give free money realy honest of giving the free money?

The casino are honest about the free money, somethimes the promotie ends, so if you com at a site and you see free money, always ask if you get it at the online chat,

Why do they give a nodeposit bonus?

Casino can give away free money because of there policy, people need a chance for free to see what it's al about before depositing money into there account, So there are a lot of casinos where you can try the slot games with the free bonus, you do not have to deposit before or after you use your free money, if you lose your free money, it's your own choise if you want to deposit and play some more..

What can I do with the free money?
With the free money, you can play online Slots, roulette, maby Black jack, it depends on the terms per casinos, with the free money you can win a sertain amount that you can withdrawal, example, you get $5 free, then you can witdrawal $50, also that depends on the therm from the casino.

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